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About Sharp Image Auto Detailing...

Sharp Image Auto Detailing, located in Brodhead, Wisconsin is a full-service auto detailing business.  Owner Kyle Disch is a lifelong native who is passionate about his business.  Kyle has always been very particular about the appearance of vehicles, inside and out.  Kyle is dedicated to making your cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, trailers, RVs, semis and more shine.  Because at Sharp Image Auto Detailing, we believe pretty good isn’t good enough.         

"We believe pretty good isn't good enough"

Detailing your vehicle not only gives you a beautiful looking car but gives you the benefit of adding valuable dollars towards resale of your vehicle, while protecting its shine.  


Other services offered:  odor removal, decal/letter removal, over spray removal, water line removal for watercrafts, acid wash for boats, auto glass repair, head light restoration, free diagnostic testing, free pickup and delivery within 10 miles (fully licensed and insured), gift certificates available and surveillance for your cars security.



Licensed | Insured | Free Pickup & Delivery within 10 miles | Gift Certificates Available | 24/7 Video Surveillance